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TurfFit: Get ready for the holidays fitness challenge

Let’s face it, holidays wreak havoc on your diet and fitness regimen. To help keep you on track we wanted to provide you a Holiday 30 Day Challenge.


WATCH   Wives of Turf continue support for Wee One Foundation

wives of turf continue support for wee one foundation
This past fall, the Wives of Turf partnered with Turf Fuel to challenge industry to get fit and run for the Wee One Foundation.


Sugar, it’s in more places than you think

Sugar, it is in more places than you think
Sugar is hiding everywhere. About 80% of food items on your grocery shelves have added sugar. Much of it is disguised as things classically defined as ‘healthy”


WATCH   TurFIT: 30 Day Plank Challenge

` Our TurfFIT series has proved, to be fit, you don’t need an expensive gym membership or spend hours a day working out. Contributors of our series have provided insights into ways […]


TurfFIT: Sugar, it’s addictive and everywhere

Sugar is a powerful, addictive drug.  And it’s everywhere. The first of many nutrition #TurfFit articles is cutting right to the heart of what I, and many experts, believe is […]


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