Down and Dirty

Insights and solutions to successfully manage your soil and turfgrass ecosystems.

Daconil, One of The Best Known Fungicides in Turf

lee kozsey daconil
Lee is better known for Daconil fungicide. Back in 1963, he was working in the laboratory that produced the very first pound of DAC-2787, know today as Daconil.


Cause There Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Yellows

summer time turf yellows
What might be causing cases of the late-summer yellows? The short answer,LOTS of things “might” be causing summertime yellows, but it depends on circumstances.


Soil Microorganisms, Phytobiomes, and Spring Break for Soil Nerds

soil microorganisms
Soil health and the perpetual reference to sustainability leads us to the last frontier: the rootzone environment and its’ inhabitants of soil microorganisms.


BEWARE-Hot, wet, stinky soils leads to summer turf decline

Hot wet soils
It’s not about what’s on with the turf leaves, but what is happening with the soil. Hot, wet soils leading to turfgrass stress and turfgrass decline.


Soil compaction from a different perspective

Compaction, managing it is one of turf managers top tasks. Everyone knows that potential for soil compaction increases as the soil moisture increases.


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