XtraGrass at Lakewood Memorial
XTRAGRASS In search of new ideas for natural grass surfaces, Growing Green Grass visited JeffCo Schools Lakewood Memorial Stadium last week in Denver, CO. The Lakewood Memorial field features a […]
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You Said What on Social Media?
Well, 2013 and countless missteps along the way by many on social media and yet we still have high profile individuals who just haven’t learned the lesson.
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WATCH   Evaluating Alternative Turf Management Practices
My particular project focuses on comparing eight different turf management systems to look at the advantages and disadvantages of these systems
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Cultivating Our Next Generation
TR_Jeff_Corcoran_Green_Start_Academy Myself and the other superintendent panelists will provide the attendees with information from our career experiences that hopefully can assist these talented young men and women as they pursue their goal of being superintendents.
by • 3 weeks ago
WATCH   What’s Growin’ On: Bugs, Air and Android
Google-Play What’s Growin’ On this week in the Turf Republic Community Syngenta held a few Annual Bluegrass Weevil Workshops. Dealing with this pest, check out all the information HERE Putting air […]
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WATCH   TPC Sawgrass: The Valley Course
489628551_1280 TPC Sawgrass, Valley Course plays host to this years Championship and with a mere 5 months from the championship, Lucas and his team were busy.
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