Garbage can carrier ( Twitter find )

by • 4 days ago
        Seen a similar item on Twitter this past winter . Had just enough left over material for the build  Mocking up a tray for the cans […]

Hectors Shop Grease gun modification

by • 3 weeks ago
Watch Hectors Shops video . The idea is to remotely mount gun so your not having to deal with the extra weight . Frees up a hand to grease too […]

Fairweay dew drag updates

by • 3 weeks ago
Dew dragger in for a refit . It has been working flawlessly for a couple of seasons . Made some upgrade a while back that worked out great . This […]

Detrailered Toro pro force blower

by • 4 weeks ago
Nearing the end of winter maintenance . Toro pro force blower in for a cleaning and service. Last season I seen a post on Twitter of one mounted to a […]

New Gadgets on site

by • 1 month ago
I started of Blogging as a new tech many years ago because there wasn’t much available out there in the way of education for new people to learn about turf […]



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