IDEAS! OSTMA Newsletter Case Study : Pro-Active Solutions for Fall Field Overseeding
Case Study #1: In-season, high traffic football and soccer field on native soil with Kentucky bluegrass and fescue This field manager has the ultimate challenge in order to get new […]
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TR_Nabozny _12_legged_foremn
Twelve Legged Foreman
The last two weeks have been filled with furry friends, fierce storms, worms and some of us getting ready for spring.v
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OSTMA Newsletter Case Study Feedback: Pro-Active Solutions for Fall Field Overseeding
The fall Ohio STMA newsletter is out!  As part of the article “Pro-Active Solutions for Fall Field Overseeding”, the following 2 case studies were posed.  The case studies allow readers an opportunity […]
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Must Reads

What’s Up With “Coverage?’
Coverage is an interesting term that is being used with greater frequency in the general conversation about fungicides and fungicide performance. Originally, coverage is defined in terms of the area […]
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Key #1: Aggressive Cultivation
img_3432 Cultivation solves the problems caused by compaction and yields increased turfgrass density and decreased water usage. Because water is better able to move through the soil profile, it also decreases the number of events cancelled due to rainfall.
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FIFA is WRONG: 5 reasons synthetic turf is not the future
cropped-img_34211 FIFA President Sepp Blatter recently increased the international soccer governing body’s advocacy for synthetic turf. In an August 4th press conference, Mr. Blatter called synthetic turf the “future” for soccer. His […]
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