Toro 5800 planetary gear service

by • 7 hours ago
These Planetary gear fluids should be changed yearly at the very least . There are quit a few comments on how tediously  this job is . The 85 w 140 […]

JD 4320 rear hydraulic hook up mounts

by • 2 days ago
   When I came here this tractor had the lines running from the loader attachment for a rear lines hook up . They where flopping around and hard to connect […]

Toro HDXD workman Thermostate

by • 2 days ago
  Was a little shocked at the price but then again I haven’t bought a thermostat in a few years .Did a little search on line and seemed to be […]

Toro 5800 tank cradle inspection and clean up

by • 1 week ago
Checking the cradle on our 5800 sprayer . I’ve read that some guys had checked theirs to see it in pretty hard shape . Even properly cleaned there are areas […]

Toro pro pass 200 spinner paddle rebuild

by • 1 week ago
We’ve had this unit for a little over 3 years . The spinner paddles are nearing their end . Pretty sure they may have a half season left .   Pretty […]



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