toe in and steering wheel alignment (update )

by • 2 months ago
Made this jig up from shop scraps today. I get a fair amount of bumped off center steering wheels and bent A arms on the front end I check them […]

Toro Pro Force Dual tanks

by • 2 months ago
The power of twitter and sharing /seeing ideas . I recently came across a few post from Brian Bressler that I thought are great and practical problem solving fixes we […]

3 point hitch Rental cart tow truck .

by • 2 months ago
Have been seeing lots of tow type retrieving gear on twitter lately . Tried a few designs , some sort of copies to what I’ve seen but to my surprise […]

Toro 1600 poor traction /hard to pull backwards

by • 2 months ago
   I’ve been battling this occasional problem of machines being hard to pull backwards or no traction since new .I have 2015 vintage mower ( pretty sure they are ). […]

Garbage can carrier ( Twitter find )

by • 3 months ago
        Seen a similar item on Twitter this past winter . Had just enough left over material for the build  Mocking up a tray for the cans […]



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