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Aquatrols Hires Dr. Jutta Pils as New Director of Research and Development
Dr. Pils earned her Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 2005 with a focus on Soil Chemistry and Water Resources. She has spent the past nine years working in crop protection with DuPont, leading teams in the United States and abroad while overseeing the launch of several new products and technologies.
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Key #1: Aggressive Cultivation
Cultivation solves the problems caused by compaction and yields increased turfgrass density and decreased water usage. Because water is better able to move through the soil profile, it also decreases the number of events cancelled due to rainfall.
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Turfgrass Producers Gather From Around the World
One of the highlights of the convention was an exclusive video interview featuring former NFL wide receiver, Ricky Proehl whose career in the NFL spanned a remarkable 17 seasons.
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Do Field Days Really Matter?
DSCN13561-560x250 August is the heart of field day season for most university turf programs across the country, which your local university or turf association has likely made you well aware of. […]
by • 2 weeks ago
Pythium Blight Clobbers Tall Fescue Lawns Under Irrigation
Heat, high humidity , nighttime temperatures averaging above 68 oF, and thunderstorms in July and August promote Pythium blight. On the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay (i.e., Delmarva Peninsula), […]
by • 4 weeks ago
Use New SDHI Fungicides With Caution
Spraying1_Golf-600x250 We’re all familiar with the various fungicide classes available for disease control on turf, with the demethylation inhibitor (DMI) and strobilurin (or QoI) classes amongst the most prominent.  Once an […]
by • 1 month ago